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Legal Fees

Finding out how much it will cost to hire a lawyer or work with a law firm should not be a big secret. At my law office, I am transparent about fees and about how much it might reasonably cost to do what you are looking to accomplish right at the initial consultation.

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My Fees



Initial Consultation  


A consultation costs $300 + HST. You are asked to pay for your consultation prior to your scheduled appointment. At the consult, you have the opportunity to explain your situation and focus on matters important to you. I will spend time asking you questions and obtaining the information needed to form an opinion and provide preliminary advice on your unique matter. I will also give you information about the various options you may wish to utilize to pursue your desired outcome.


I will also be upfront about possible outcomes and costs. You then decide how or even if you would like to proceed. Some people attend for an initial consultation and decide not to move forward. Others wait a few weeks or months to decide what course of action to pursue. Some people feel it best to act immediately. The choice is yours – I work for you.


Full Representation

Most family law matters are billed based on how long it takes the lawyer to accomplish what you’ve hired them to do. I have a set hourly rate of $300 + HST.

You are billed for the time I spend working on your matter. Time is recorded in 6 minute blocks (1/10 of an hour). When you receive your bill, you will receive an itemized list of what I did and how long it took. The total of your bill will be ‘time spent’ X ‘the hourly rate’ (plus HST).


If you decide to hire me as your lawyer, you will be asked to enter into a retainer agreement and provide a payment upfront, usually in the range of $2000 - $5000, depending on the complexity of your matter. I will hold your payment in trust and when you are billed, the balance of your account will be deducted from the amount held in trust.



I accept a limited number of legal aid certificates. If you think you might qualify for a legal aid certificate, you must first contact legal aid, who will assess your eligibility. Please contact Legal Aid at 1-800-668-8258 to determine if you are eligible for a Legal Aid Certificate. If you obtain a Legal Aid certificate, Legal Aid will pay for all or a portion of your lawyer’s services.


Please notify me if you have a legal aid certificate when booking your initial meeting with me.



Many people find that their income is above the threshold to qualify for a Legal Aid certificate, but they are unable to find the funds required to fully retain a lawyer for representation. In other words, they earn too much to receive Legal Aid assistance but earn too little to potentially pay thousands of dollars to a lawyer. These people are in the precarious position of lacking representation and having to navigate the justice system themselves. I offer a solution to individuals in this position.


With the legal coaching model, we focus our time on whatever you need – whether it be occasional advice, guidance on court processes, reviewing documentation, assistance drafting, and more.  Legal services and legal coaching allow you the flexibility of representing yourself with personalized assistance from an experienced lawyer. You determine the type of assistance you receive, how much time you want with a lawyer and how much to spend. You’re completely in control of the services you receive.


I charge $300 + HST for a one-hour session or $550 for two hours. If you’re interested in receiving legal coaching, please contact me to set up an appointment at a time convenient for you.

legal coaching fees


Single Person - $399 + HST

Couple - $699 + HST


Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care

Single Person - $299 + HST

Couple - $499 + HST


PACKAGE: Will and Powers of Attorney


Single Person - Will and Powers of Attorney - $599 + HST

Couple - Wills and Powers of Attorney - $999 + HST



Please contact us for a quote, as the price of real estate transactions varies depending on complexity.

The information on this page is to help you understand how a bill from our law firm is typically put together.  Please understand that every case is unique and from time to time the billing process will be different than what is outlined on this page.

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