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Legal Coaching

Can’t afford to hire a lawyer, but don’t want to navigate your family law matter on your own? I've got you covered with my legal coaching packages – you control the amount of time you spend with me, what we discuss, and how much you spend. 

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What is legal coaching? How can legal coaching benefit me?

Legal Coaching is the perfect remedy for individuals who do not wish to fully retain a lawyer but require some assistance in their family law matter.

In a traditional lawyer-client relationship, the client would hire a lawyer to represent them from start to finish in their family law matter. The lawyer would obtain an up front, lump sum payment (often referred to as “a retainer”) from the client before beginning any work. The lawyer would provide an invoice to the client once a month or so detailing the work conducted on the client’s behalf and would take the payment for the invoice from the retainer. The client would then be asked to replenish the retainer to the original balance. This continues until the work the lawyer was hired to do is completed. In a traditional lawyer-client retainer, the lawyer would conduct and complete all tasks required to move the client’s matter forward. 

With Legal Coaching there is no retainer payment required. Instead, the client continues to represent themselves while contacting us for assistance on an “as needed” basis. The client controls how much time they spend with the lawyer, and therefore, how much money they spend. In this scenario, the client is free to complete some tasks on their own, and reserve legal assistance for the occasional matter.

Legal Coaching is the solution for self-represented individuals who feel overwhelmed with the family law system and need direction on how to proceed. We can assist by providing you with information or advice, explaining the law, outlining various options, assisting with material preparation and more. If you are interested in obtaining legal coaching, click HERE to contact us. 

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Think that Legal Coaching may be the right option for you? Contact me and let's get started!

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